Specification Sheets - Main Stocked Downlights

PRO-DL4300 10W 70-90mm diffused (HX)PRO-DL4400 13W 90-110mm diffused (PRO-DL13WWSMD-B)
PRO-DL4435 13W 90-125mm CCT switchable (preset) diffused (GX)PRO-DL4450 9W 90-105mm tilting diffused (PRO-DL9WWSMD-AG)
PRO-DL4450 9W 90-105mm tilting diffused (PRO-DL9WWSMD-AG)PRO-DL4600 10W 90-110mm AL+PC diffused (PRO-DL10CCTSMD-ECO)
PRO-DL4610 10W 90-110mm AL+PC CCT switchable (on/off 3x) diffusedPRO-DL4505 10W 70-89mm fixed COB, reflector
PRO-DL4750 9W 80-94mm tilting spot, low profile, 90+ CRIPRO-DL4755 9W 80-94mm tilting spot, low profile, 95 CRI, dim to warm
PRO-DL4808 23W 155mm surface, low glare downlightPRO-DL4825 20W 160-190mm diffused (4000K stocked)
PRO-DL4828 28W 200-228mm CCT preset switchable (PRO-DL28CCTSMD)PRO-MD1000 9W Module IP20 (9WWMOD – shown with PRO-FP1065)
PRO-MD1010 9W Module IP65 3000KPRO-MD1020 13W Module dim to warm D2W 90+CRI (PRO-DL13CCT-A)
PRO-FP1000 Faceplate 90-110mm tilting, smooth curve, low glare (A-90)PRO-FP1020 Faceplate 72-90mm tilting, standard (COB-IP)
PRO-FP1065 Faceplate 90-100mm fixed deep recess, low glare (D-90-54)PRO-CB2018 18W/25W 300mm Ceiling button preset CCT & Output
PRO-CLR12CCT 12W Ceiling button preset CCT switchablePRO-CLR18CCT 18W Ceiling button preset CCT switchable
Downlight – Reflective LED Anti Glare 22W-70W (205 Cutout/230mm Overall)Downlight – Reflective LED Anti Glare 22W-70W (240 Cutout/260mm Overall)
Downlight – Retail Shop LED 15W 18W 23W 28W Gimbal Shop downlight (142mm Cutout/151mm Overall)PRO-ST2000 3W 41-55mm step light (2700K 32lumen dimmable)
PRO-TR1100 10W Track light, dim to warm focus beam and reflector kitLS-DL13RW 13W 90-125mm Red Light Therapy 90+CRI 2700K-630nm switchable (on/off 3x) diffused