It will probably betray our age, but do you remember the time before LED Christmas lights? They were then incandescent bulbs inside painted bulbs. They could be unattractively large and they would have your energy bill rockets, but worse, they would overheat and the paint would flake over time, ruining the effect on your tree. If that wasn’t enough, they also broke easily, and if you didn’t have spare bulbs, you had to spend Christmas with patchy lights. In some cases, the whole string would stop working if one bulb was faulty, then good luck finding which one needed replacement!

The advent of LED lights has revolutionised the world in many different ways. Even if we only use Christmas lights at a specific time of the year, festive arrangements are very representative of what LEDs can do for us.



Light curtains, snowflakes, waving Santas, North Pole scenes complete with reindeer and sleigh… Whether you like those displays or not, streets at Christmas become a sometimes extravagant showcase for the incredibly diverse shapes you can create with LED. They lend themselves to being mounted within ribbons which can be bent without damaging the lights, and they can be programmed into a multitude of light sequences.



Christmas lights of yesteryear were quite temperamental. You would have to take the greatest care when storing them until the following year and even then, you had no guarantee that they would work as they were quite sensitive to moisture and broke easily. As LED lights don’t contain delicate filaments like incandescent bulbs, they will happily be dropped unceremoniously into a box and perform as well the following Christmas.



Christmas is expensive enough as it is, without having to face a massive electricity bill in January for lighting up your tree! LED Christmas lights only require a fraction of the energy that their incandescent counterparts demanded, an astonishing 90% less electricity!

LED lights are also cheaper to purchase, so your secret desire to illuminate your house and garden and turn it into a winter wonderland can now be fulfilled!


Hot incandescent bulbs wrapped around a tree during summer, the dry season. What could possibly go wrong…? There used to be an abundance of home fires during the Christmas season, but LED lights don’t heat up so they are therefore much safer.



Of course, there used to be incandescent lights for outdoor use too, but they were still more prone to fail in bad weather. LED Christmas lights are constructed in such a way that moisture, heat and cold don’t affect their performance.


In the home, the office, in architecture and art, LED lights have proved themselves to be reliable, economical and attractive, and, at Pro-Series, we think that they are simply incredible – not that we are biased! LED lights are for life, not just for the Christmas season, so why not contact us to see how they can benefit you too.