A couple of decades ago, so-called energy-saving bulbs marked the first step in the world’s move towards reducing energy consumption. Unfortunately for them, they were an uncommonly ugly shape and were rather large, which meant that they could only be used with lamp shades big enough to conceal them, and were often rejected on this ground.

No such issue for LED lights. They are small but perfectly formed!

Not only are they even more efficient in terms of energy use and do they last longer, but because they are compact, they can be used in a variety of structures, so much so that light has now become an element of interior design in its own right.

If you are thinking about buying LED lights, here are the different types that are available:


  • Ceiling LED lights

Spotlights have become very trendy. Fitted in a recess of the ceiling, they create a clean design for any modern urban interior and have been widely adopted in homes, offices as well as art galleries. But ceiling LED lights are also very practical if you need to fit a ceiling lamp where headroom is limited. As LED bulbs don’t produce as much heat as traditional bulbs, they won’t overheat the lamp and will minimise the risk of the bulb – or the lamp – getting damaged.


  • LED Strip lights

Strip lights come in 2 models, either in flexible cabling or in a rigid bar.

Flexible strip lights and magic strips are one of the cleverest uses of the characteristics of LED lights. They can be curved to fit various shapes without getting damaged, create attractive light features, and can also be used to bring an accent to a room inside an alcove or an archway for example.

Strip lights are a little bit less versatile as they can’t be bent, but they can still be as stylish, and the rigid bar they are encased in makes them more suitable for areas with heavy footfall. They are ideal for use near the ground, such as to light kitchen cabinets, or for safety purposes, to light exit ways for example.


  • Decking and staircase LED lights

Decking is wonderful, but it can feel somewhat treacherous at night when your garden is dark. Decking lights are small and attractive and ensure that you can see where to step next.

Likewise, similar lights can be installed indoors on staircases. This can be particularly helpful for businesses trying to reduce their energy bills, as they can keep their stairs lit and safe after they turn off the main lights.


  • LED floodlights and LED street lighting

LED are also very durable and have a long life cycle outdoors. They are easy to maintain and therefore low cost.


This is but a quick overview of what LED lighting has to offer. If you are looking for lighting for your home or business, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team by email at sales@proseries.nz or by phone on 09 489 8347.