We are passionate about LED lights and we think they are the best invention since the wheel! What is there not to like about them after all? You probably already know that they are energy efficient, and therefore will reduce your energy bills; that they last longer than conventional bulbs, and require little maintenance. So good for your wallet.

But that’s not all. LED lights and bulbs offer other advantages, and here are some reasons to love them even more:


LED lights are environmentally friendly

Conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs, for example, contain chemicals like mercury which is highly toxic. LED lights, on the other hand, are free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They are also fully recyclable, which means that they won’t add to landfills already bursting to the seam, and because of their long life span, they will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save materials.


LED lighting produces a better quality of light

LED lighting is characterised by the fact that it emits little heat, little infrared light and almost no UV emissions. The benefits of these features may not be immediately apparent, but it makes LED lights the perfect solution to illuminate objects that are sensitive to light radiations, such as historic monuments and archaeological sites as well as art galleries and museums.


LED lights for flexible design

LEDs can be arranged into any shape, they come in different colours and they can be programmed into lighting sequences or dimmed, making them the most versatile element of interior and exterior design.

The effect of colour and light on moods has been known for a long time, and thanks to LED bulbs, there is nothing easier than to use them to energise crowds or relax the mind.


LED lighting can operate in extreme conditions

While fluorescent lamps are affected by low temperatures, LEDs aren’t. Granted, New Zealand isn’t really renowned for arctic weather, but LED lights are the perfect solution for industries using freezer rooms for example.


Light Dispersion

LEDs are designed to focus the light they emit, making them more efficient at illuminating specific locations, without the need for an external reflector.


Instant Lighting

Energy-saving bulbs are often criticised for the amount of time it takes them to warm up and reach full power. LED bulbs light up instantly. They are also unaffected by frequent switching on and off, which considerably reduces the life span of a conventional bulb, which makes them ideal for use in traffic lights or light signals of all type.


Low voltage

LED lights only require a low-voltage power supply to operate. This feature is particularly desirable for illumination in remote areas where power supply may be an issue, as solar-energy panels would generate enough to power them.

Hopefully, we have convinced you that LED lights are the future and you can understand better why we rave about them at every possible opportunity!

If you would like to know more about how LED lights can fit into your project, contact us by email at sales@proseries.nz or by phone on 09 489 8347.