JUCEBOX is the world’s smartest Universal Device Communicator for home or business, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.


Imagine if you could connect every electrical device in your home and control it from anywhere… What would you connect?

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Whether through issues of compatibility or design, homes and businesses are full of devices that can’t or won’t communicate with each other, making true home or business automation impossible.

JUCEBOX is here to resolve all those device communication frustrations and to open up an extraordinary world of connectivity, where light, sound, warmth, security and comfort are all at your fingertips… and so much more.


There are billions of devices in the world today and the majority of these communicate in one of four main device languages. In some cases ports or gateways can be bought to connect devices, but JUCEBOX eliminates the need for these, able to communicate in all main languages and providing access to an extraordinary range of devices.

Every device within a home or business can be controlled to some extent, whether just by turning it on or off, or in more elaborate ways, with sliders, selections and options. JUCEBOX is designed to identify these actions and give you unlimited control of all your devices.

JUCEBOX consolidates all building control languages and devices and centralises IoT connectivity into one Universal Device Communicator. It’s functional drag and drop GUI will consolidate hundreds of different device languages into a single user-friendly language with the JUCEBOX daemon handling all the translations in the background at phenomenal speeds. As a user, all you will need to know is simple commands such as on/off and volume up/down etc.