LED lights are energy efficient and durable. But, as importantly, they are versatile and fun! Have a look at those 10 cool projects that most people will be able to build with a little technical knowledge. We hope you enjoy them, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for LED lights or equipment.

1. Sleep under the stars

Small and delicate, LEDs can be used to create a magical starry night on your ceiling. We think it would work particularly well on a bedroom ceiling above your bed, but they would work to great effect pretty much anywhere. Recreate real constellations or free-style, the choice is yours.

2. Make your clothes glow

Mounted on flexible strips, LED lighting can be bent and integrated into clothing, like it was done for band Daft Punk. As LEDs don’t emit much heat, you will be pleased to hear that you won’t be barbecued wearing your sci-fi costume! One thing is sure, if you are trying to make an entrance at a party, this will certainly get you noticed!

3. Illuminated party balloons

This is one of the easiest and quickest projects which will make your party memorable. All you need is a few LEDs and batteries to strap to them. Put them inside your balloon for really cool and unusual decorations. Even better, fill the balloons with helium for an awesome party ceiling.

4. LEDs with rhythm

Another dead-easy and inexpensive LED project: hook up a few LEDs using an output from your computer speakers and they will pulsate with your music.

5. Iron Man gadgets

He’s cool, he’s handsome, he’s witty. Who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man? Not everybody can be Tony Stark, but here is the next best thing: you can recreate his hand repulsors with LEDs, and even the arc reactor on his chest.

6. LED umbrella

If the weather is gloomy, how best to lift your mood than with an umbrella strewn with LED lights?

7. The truth is out there

UFO enthusiast? Why not build your own with LEDs? How big it will be depends on how patient you are, but a team built a massive 23-feet long UFO using three thousand LEDs, and even cooler, made it fly. The locals had a right scare!

8. Colour-changing furniture

There is a wide range of applications, depending on the LED you use. One of the most common is LED colour changing with temperature, which can be used in shower heads, taps but also furniture – put a mug of tea on your LED coffee table and watch it turn red!

9. Glowing candy floss

Another easy project. All you need to do is replace the traditional wooden stick with LED wands to win your children’s ever-lasting admiration!

10. Resurrect the Knight Rider

If you know who we are talking about, you have betrayed your age! Forget about your responsibilities, buy a few LEDs and transform your car into a vehicle worthy of the heroic crime fighter that you are (deep inside).